backtown Coffee parlor的杰西卡·诺克斯

When Jessica and Alonzo Knox opened Backatown Coffee Parlour in 2017, they knew that Backatown was going to be more than just another coffee shop. Their goals are to help revitalize the Basin Street business bet9app手机版下载 and to create a unique yet authentic gathering space for local innovators and creatives.

We recently sat down with Jessica Knox to talk entrepreneurship, 住在bet9app苹果下载软件, 酒店和旅游业的一部分, 和更多的.

backtown咖啡厅的老板,Alonzo & 杰西卡·诺克斯(免费照片).


Alonzo and I have lived in bet9app苹果下载软件 since 2003 which is 15 years.

Tell us a little about your backgrounds how you decided to open Backatown Coffee Parlour.

Alonzo and I worked together managing programs at the United Negro College Fund in DC. I had just graduated law school and he had just completed a tenure as Legislative Correspondent to Senator John Breaux. I went on to practice law for 5 years in DC and he became the Director of NY Programs for the Children’s Scholarship Fund in NYC. Alonzo eventually moved back to DC to complete his MBA at Trinity University while we were dating and later married. bet9app苹果下载软件俩都对做生意很感兴趣. Before opening Backatown we were part owners of Café Treme but the partnership ended in 2012. During this time Alonzo discovered his love for operating a business and interacting with clients on a daily basis. So we both knew that he would eventually open another coffee shop. Once he saw the new construction on Basin Street for a retail site, he began inquiring extremely early and he then sent the landlords a proposal based on our previous ownership of a coffee shop. He knew the location was good and that we can build a successful business.


Backatown Coffee Parlour actually has a feel of an old school gentlemen’s parlour that was membership only where men and later women could gather and socialize in an inviting and refined setting. Because Backatown is on the very site of some historic but a bit different “gentlemen parlours” at Storyville, we wanted to embrace the aura of a bygone time while ensuring that people from all walks of life felt that they come and be a part of Backatown to gather with old and new friends. bet9app苹果下载软件不仅仅是咖啡. We are a gathering house and hopefully a space where ideas and innovation can sprout.


One of the things we love most about your business is that you seem to be an actual part of the bet9app手机版下载, 而不仅仅是咖啡店. 你有艺术展览,开放麦克风之夜,等等. Talk about the importance of businesses being members of the communities they operate in!

Alonzo and I have always been very active in our bet9app手机版下载 even when we did not have a business. 所以,bet9app苹果下载软件希望作为企业主继续这样做. We believe that as we grow, so should our bet9app手机版下载, with our help. You cannot sustain a business in a bet9app手机版下载 if a bet9app手机版下载 is not thriving.

As entrepreneurs and owners, what does your typical day look like?

bet9app苹果下载软件从早上5:30工作到晚上9:30,一天工作16个小时. 后城早上7点开门,晚上7点关门. Alonzo generally is there at 6am while I am doing paperwork for the business at that time. We both tend to close at night but then we have to prep for the next day which may mean getting products, 处理员工问题, 工资, 回复邮件和请求, 等.,但bet9app苹果下载软件尽量在九点半结束,放松一下. It is important to maintain priorities when having a business and one of those priorities is self and family.

What advice would you give someone who is looking to open his or her own local business?

We would advise those wishing to start a business to have a business plan that involves more than how much you can make/gain in revenue. The plan has to take into account 工资, purchase of products, start-up costs like equipment & 家具、租金、保险和许多其他物品. Owners have to know their break-even point to understand what they must do to stay afloat. We would also say that you must invest in your business to make it a place that you and others would enjoy and you have to do this in the beginning. bet9app苹果下载软件的导师, 纳杰和拜纳姆, once told us that you have to have three wows when you have something for sale and we have adhered to that advice. 最后,你必须了解自己的优势. If you are not good with paperwork like bill payment or 工资, outsource it. If you are not a people person, you should not be in the front of house. If you do not use social media, you learn or you find someone who does! 所有这些都会影响你的品牌.



How important do you think the tourism and hospitality industry is in a city like NOLA?

The tourism and hospitality industry is extremely important to this City as it provides the majority of our jobs and opportunities for business ownership!


I believe bet9app苹果下载软件 will see more African-American business owners from the ranks of those who have worked in the hospitality and tourism industry; those who have the experience and expertise to capitalize on this growing and sustainable industry.

完成句子:bet9app苹果下载软件 Will…

bet9app苹果下载软件将永远是一个独特的地方 & 创造力!